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Hyosung 5200SE


$3300.005% off

Cash Dispenser Type



Advantage Program


Innovative Design

The striking design and advanced function options of the MX5200SE make this ATM the ideal choice for bank–branded, high–end retail locations and sites requiring greater security.

High Capacity

The MX5200SE cash capacity ranges from a single 2,000 note cassette to up to three 2,000-note cassettes, providing a maximum load of 6,000 notes.

Enhanced Security

The MX5200SE offers customers a choice of a UL 291 certified business hours safe with enhanced break-in protection or a heavy-duty Level 1 safe. Enhanced physical protection includes a reinforced cash tray and heavier metal plating. For added intrusion and fraud security, the MX5200SE offers an optional camera-ready fascia, optional anti-skim EMV reader and support for Transport Later Security (TLS) network encryption protocol.


The MX5200SE can be counted on to stand up to heavy use. The system incorporates Hyosung modular component architecture designed for high reliability, quick and easy service, and accessibility.

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